(NLA BLACK) 19mm solid or 22mm tubular REAR SWAY BARS R60-61 2013-2016 MINI Cooper Countryman fully adjustable for 2011-2016

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19mm solid or 22mm tubular bars with 3 adjustable holes for where you would like your end links to be mounted.  This will give the driver 3 distinct and unique driving preference. Our NLA Sway Bars are manufactured from solid steel using precision bending equipment. We powder coat the entire bar to fight corrosion.  The benefits for a sway bar is as follows:

  • Reduces body roll when driving in curves and during fast changes of direction.
  • Reduces body roll on lowered, standard height and lifted cars.
  • Reduces wheel loading difference between the inside and outside wheels during cornering.
  • Reduces understeer.

All sway bars include polyurethane bushings for a better response and turn in. Special pockets are carved into the bushing surfaces to capture grease and extends the interval between re-greasing.


Just kidding! But it's a very vital piece of our process!

MINI Cooper Paceman R61 (2013 - 2016)

2008-2014 –   R55 Clubman S & Non-S
2007-2013 –   R56 Hatchback S & Non-S
2009-2015 –   R57 Convertible S & Non-S
2012-2015 –   R58 Coupe S & Non-S
2012-2015 –   R59 Roadster S & Non-S
2011-2016 –   R60 Countryman S & Non-S
2013-2016 –   R61 Paceman S & Non-S


2008-2014 –   R55 Clubman S & Non-S

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