REAR sway bar for E90/E92 335, 330, 328, 325 [ Xi MODELS ]

REAR sway bar for E90/E92 335, 330, 328, 325 [ Xi MODELS ]

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This product is manufactured in the USA by UUC.

Suitable for 335, 330, 328, 325 models (Xi models only.

Now you can have the same sway bar technology used in the official BMW 335d racecars!  UUC is proud to have been the manufacturer of sway bars for the 335d racecars campaigned by BMW USA.  

What's a Sway Bar?

An anti-sway bar is a suspension component designed to reduce body roll. It keeps your vehicle flatter in the turns by transferring the pressure exerted on the outboard wheels and applying opposite pressure on the inboard wheels. In this way weight is more evenly applied to all four wheels, helping the vehicle stay more level with the road.
Technical details

As an example of our attention to detail, the E90 3-series Sway Barbarians is a very unique set of bars. Features include:

- Revised contouring for maximum clearance even with extremely lowered cars.
- Precision-cut adjustable ends.
- Urethane bushings and lubrication included.

Superior Materials
We put our bars through this extensive process to ensure that the final product will be the strongest, most durable bar on the market, and that it will be the most resistant to form alteration.

The Sway Bar uses a multi-hole system on the rear bars which allows for fine tuning of the bar for whatever desired effect, without sacrificing body roll.

Sway Bar
Rear Bar: 2-hole adjustment

Positive-placement rear bushing stops
To keep the tight-tolerance rear bar from shifting side-to-side, they are fitted with positive-placement stops, rings around the bar that hold the bar in place against the bushings.

Powder coated Finish
After the bars are CNC mandrel bent and the ends are forged and punched, a silver Powdercoat is applied for a smooth, long-lasting finish in a similar process to how factory bars are coated. This smooth finish allows the bars, when properly installed with polyurethane bushings and grease, for long term performance with minimal maintenance.

Polyurethane Bushings
The Sway Bar include replacement Delrin-lined polyurethane bushings which are built to "aircraft spec" (literally - our urethane fabrication facility uses the same material and production guidelines as they do for Boeing). This results in a durable bushing that will not disintegrate and has longer re-lubrication intervals for long lasting, quiet results. Be sure to use generous amounts of grease to ensure maximum performance from your Sway Bar!

Just kidding! But it's a very vital piece of our process!

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